Saturday, December 29, 2007

What to do with all that leftover Christmas ham?
My family, one by one as the afternoon progresses, come and ask, "What's for dinner?" If I answer is, that we are having 'leftovers', there are groans and exclamations of, "Not again!" So... I have been thinking of creative ways of serving up ham and baked pumpkin (which we have a mountain of!) in various guises. Last night it was pasta.

I mashed the pumpkin, and combined sour cream and fresh parsley & basil (from our garden - they are growing so well!), which I stirred through the pasta. To top the dish off I fried thinly sliced ham and added it to each individual bowl.
To my delight, the whole lot was polished off, and the kids did not even realise it was ham!

PS: One of the joys of cooking last night - leftover blue vein cheese, and a glass of chardonnay.

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Laurie Anne said...

Fresh herbs, I'm so jealous!! It is so grey and rainy here. At least I can get a glimpse of a little summer "down under" :0)