Monday, December 03, 2007

This afternoon we had some more glorious rain. In came in the form of a Summer storm, which was very loud and fierce. My children are always scared of these storms, and spend the duration of them huddled on the lounge under a blanket, or under the doona on our bed. I try to be brave, and pretend I am not worried, but my experience of electrical storms in East Africa has caused me to be nervous of such events.
I just looked up the Sydney Catchment Authority's web site and discovered that the available water supplies in the Sydney area are at 58.8% at the moment. I thought after the rain we have had recently that the level would have been higher, but obviously it has been falling in the wrong areas. I know that the garden is loving the extra water, and our lawn is actually looking green this year.


Laurie Anne said...

We are also getting a TON of rain. It has been pretty much non stop. It is the kind of rain with big fat drops that seem to soak you instantly. It has been dry here, so I'm sure we need it, but it makes running errands a bit of pain.
BTW, I've never heard of anyone else call it a duna. Too funny. Any chance you have a little Hungarian in you? :0)

Laurie Anne said...

We always call the it a doona and no one ever knows what I'm talking about :0)