Sunday, January 20, 2008

Amanda's 40th Celebration
I am home from my weekend away with friends. It was a weekend of coffees in lovely cafes, antique and craft shops, trashy magazines, movies, wine and food.
And lots of talking.
A lovely retreat from domestic duties.
A chance for my children to realise how much they miss me... apparently Andrew took them on a trip to the supermarket, where everybody became a little cranky, and one was heard to mumble, "I wish Mummy was here." (Sigh)
Here are some photos I took of our time away.

The house we stayed in. It is a rather large house (not evident here) that consists of three levels, built on a block that slopes down towards a picturesque valley.Wendy and Amanda (birthday girl!)Robyn and Vanessa ...walking off some of the many calories consumed.

The view from the back deck on Friday, Saturday and then Sunday.
When we first arrived the rain was bucketing down, and it gradually dried up as the weekend progressed.
Vanessa and I visited SO many gorgeous antique and old wares stores. Tomorrow I will show what I bought. It was too heavy to lift out of the back of the car, and I will need the assistance of a strong man (whom, I might say, isn't particularly sharing the joy of my find!).


Jennifer P. said...

What a gorgeous view! I'm glad you had such a fun holiday with friends.

Priscilla said...

That view is amazing!