Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I have blogged about my love for bird decorations recently, but today we had the real thing. This mynah found his way inside this morning, and caused great excitement amongst the youngsters.
I was quite pleased at the way the photograph caught it in the action of launching itself from a lantern. Moments before this shot it pooed...not so pleasing!
It eventually found its way to an open window, after flapping and carrying on behind a cream curtain. Mmmmm, a little more housework added to the list for today.


Laurie Anne said...

Great photo. We had a bird come in our house once and it ended up in a bag of chips :)

CresceNet said...

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the feathered nest said...

Great shot of the bird! I've never had one fly in the house - lots have flown into the windows though!


Jennifer P. said...

That would have scared me to death! That is a BIG bird! We had a squirrel come down the chimney at my sister's house once and run all over her living room. I am--to this day--afraid of squirrels :)!

Marie said...

I didn't think this was real, it looks unbelievable with it's wings like that...it is an awesome picture. Especially since you blog about birds all the time, it could be a fake! You were lucky to get such a great picture of your little visitor! I never get any visitors like this, my last visitors were the 100+ spiders that came in with my Christmas tree :(!