Thursday, January 31, 2008

First Day of School
Oliver began school today. A much anticipated event, and it went without a hitch.
He was mercilessly bossed around by his sisters this morning, and he in turn nagged me about leaving for school. If he was in charge we would have arrived at the school gate at 8am (school doesn't begin til 9.15am).
He was walked to his room by his 'buddy', and was shown where to put his bag etc. We left not long after, as he was not the slightest bit interested in us anymore. It helps that he has spent many an hour in various classrooms at the school, as I have assisted with reading groups in the girl's rooms over the past 3 years.

I collected a very happy and satisfied boy from the classroom door this afternoon... only 13 more years to go!


Emily Loria said...

How handsome in his uniform! Look at those striking blue eyes! ;)

Jennifer P. said...

so different from what here--to start school in January! The uniforms are sure smart looking! Do they attend the same school that you teach at? (don't worry about answering that if you don't want to!...)

Priscilla said...

The first day of school! How exciting! He does look quite stunning. Beautiful children. Our children start in September and end in June.

Megs said...

How lovely! We empathise with you, in that Eowyn started school in September. It's such an AMAZING milestone, isn't it?
Congratulations Oliver!
Love Megs

Lisa, Pete & Ava Jamieson said...

Oliver is so cute. I love that picture of the three of them. So precious to capture that moment (before they become frowning teenagers)

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