Sunday, January 13, 2008

It is stinking hot at the moment. I don't mind heat, but it is the humidity that is the killer. Yesterday we went to a friend's housewarming BBQ, and even after a few minutes in the sun I could feel myself sizzle.
But to the new house...
Caroline and Amauri have bought a house not so far away from ours, and it is wonderful.
Their bathroom is still the original art deco style in pink and black.

And the kitchen is a groovy light blue with red formica. They bought this great oven/stove on ebay for only $300!!!! We were drooling over it.

Natalie and Rebecca were wonderful at entertaining our kids with various games, leaving us to sip wine and chat, and marvel at the work that Caroline and Amauri have done to the property.

The back yard goes on forever, and their rabbit is enjoying his retirement in the 'back paddock'.

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Paul Merrill said...

I love the red formica!

And can we trade a day of your weather for a day of ours? It's 2 degrees C outside my window (at almost 5 pm.)