Monday, January 21, 2008

New Finds
I was looking at Gillian's blog this morning, catching up on what she has posted recently, and from there I bounced from site to site, finding lots of lovely things.

I found ISAK, a "world of beautiful happy things".

And Snowden Flood, who has a fantastic series of urban landscape plates, among other goodies.

Japanese artist, Shinzi Katoh, has some wonderful wares for sale too.

Pieces from of these designers can be found on THREEpotatoFOUR, a blog and an online shop.

Of course I have chosen bird related items, as they are my 'thing' at the moment, but there are many other designs and treasures.


Jennifer P. said...

I loooove the plate with the two birds on a telephone wire. I'd love to have about 16 of those! I'll have to check out if they come in other colors--I'm a little partial to orange particularly!

Thanks for the great resource!

Of course now everytime I see something with a bird on it, I'll think of my friend Jenny in Australia---and that giant mynah bird that would have scared me :)!

Laurie Anne said...

Isn't blog hopping fun?? It is amazing how "lost" you can get :0)

the feathered nest said...

It's amazing how many different kinds of blogs there are out there! You can spend hours and hours blog hopping. Love that bowl and cup with the birds on it!


gillian said...

yes i love it! i should show you a top i screen printed yesterday. It's got a silhouette of a wren on it :)

When I get some more fabric paint, I'll make some more, and maybe sell a few too!

Three Potato Four is brill :)