Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Eve
We were extremely fortunate last night to enjoy a spectacular meal and view.

We met Vanessa and Sean at 6pm, and caught a train to Milson's Point. The numbers on the train were only a small indication of the crowd that we would be part of later. The area around the harbour was fenced off to prevent alcohol from being brought in. There were a few bars set up where people could buy drinks, if they wanted to drink and have a spot at the edge of the water. However, we did not to worry about jostling for a position, and looking for sustenance. Vanessa and Sean had booked a table for us at the beginning of 2007.
We took our seats at Ripples about 7pm.

The evening was spent eating and drinking our way through eight courses. Mmmmm... delicious. And watching hundreds and hundreds of people walking towards Luna Park, dressed in all manner of attire. Two things came to mind at this time: 1. The number of incredibly short skirts and dresses worn by girls walking by,(you can imagine, shiny fabric with a lot of bling that definitely should only be worn by someone with the figure of Posh Spice, and any small movement may cause a complete viewing of underwear or lack of), and the sorry state a lot of these girls would be in after 6 hours of drinking and partying. And 2. How were all these people walking in going to get out again after midnight... a scenario that we would become all too familiar with when the time came!!

Tasting platter (completely demolished), and a honey dew, mint & champagne shot.

View across the harbour, and of Luna Park from the North Sydney pool.

At 12.40, after the fireworks and coffee, we joined the throng to head back to the train station. Oh dear... words cannot describe the mess!!! Andrew thought that it may be like something you may see in a country like India - the crush of people pushing to reach the entrance of the station, hot and sweaty, everything trampled under foot. Unfortunately Vanessa was feeling quite unwell, and me a little claustrophobic. We eventually boarded a train and suffered many hiccups on the journey home... a man fainting onto Andrew, loud rabble rouses, all sorts of sticky smelly substances, trains stopping due to injuries etc etc.

We arrived home at 3am.

Below is some footage I took of the fireworks on the Harbour Bridge.

Thankyou to Lisa & David for looking after our kids, and to Vanessa & Sean for such a great night out.

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Seraphim sigh said...

I read that through a couple of times. It was such a good write up. I laughed and laughed at some bits, sounds like you had a great night.