Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand (Primitive Radio Gods)
This is the name of one of my favourite songs of all time. It would have to come in my Top 20.
Do you make those kind of lists?
I have a friend Cath who enjoys getting together and discussing the best songs of all time. We both struggle to formulate the ultimate list, and are constantly revising this playlist. Of course, as we spent our highschool years in the 80s, most of our favourites come from this period of time. Cath turned 40 last year, and I am this year, and we have always talked about putting together a commemorative CD. Hers is still 'on the boil', and I need to start thinking of mine.
This morning I was walking (yes, my hour a day exercise to combat age and gravity) and this song rolled around on my iPod. I was reminded how much I love it and had to share.
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Megs said...

Happy New Year Jen!
You shall be a gracious, beautiful 40!!
I empathise, in that I got an ipod and a gym membership for xmas! good age-counters!
It is WONDERFUL having Naomi to stay!
Sorry I didn't get to see you whilst I was there - nor did I get to pass on to you the card and pics of my girls I had to give you...
I called you before I left, but didn;'t get through!
Thank you for being you Jen!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't always comment by I come by - sometimes I just enjoy absorbing but don't have anything to add haha. just wnated to say hey! and that I am still checking into your blog - hope your 2008 started off GREAT! :)

Jennifer P. said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by via TCB. I feel honored to have 'entertained' an Aussie! You have a GREAT blog--especially the artwork along the sides. Hope you're enjoying your nice hot winter and clockwise toilet flushings :)!