Friday, January 04, 2008

A Very Quick Trip to IKEA
As you may know, one of my favourite places ever is IKEA. How I love to look through their displays and dream about redecorating my whole house with clever storage solutions and funky bits and pieces.
I braved the 'January sale' crowds, with the kids (!!!), and literally ran through the marketplace floor of IKEA this week. No
stopping to look at new arrangements or products - straight to the items I needed. Two new lampshades for the bedside lamps (plain white) and a packet of tea lights. On my way to the registers, my eyes did glance at the very much reduced Christmas decorations and lights. I completely resisted buying any more baubles, but did fall for these lights. I have hung them with the curtains in our lounge room (the gorgeous fabric also an IKEA purchase two years ago), as I thought they are very reminiscent of flower buds on the Marimekko fabric I used to make this wall canvas (which hangs on an adjacent wall).
I was happy with the end result, as this is the corner I usually sit in to read if I get a chance during the day.

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Marie said...

Love the lights! Congrats on your first egg, too! I love IKEA too. I need to go to get some end tables and I just don't want to fight the crowds so I am waiting!