Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wardrobe Makeover etc.

I decided to change a few bits of furniture around recently (yes...again!), and moved a different wardrobe into Oliver's room. My friend Vanessa had been using it for awhile, and when she moved to her new place it did not fit in. She had cut the panels out of the doors, so I decided to add a fabric to the back of them.
I attached the fabric using a staple gun.
And while I was reorganising I strung some star fairy lights around the walls, and put them on a timer so they turn off at bedtime.

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Jennifer P. said...

Oh I love that! Putting the orange fabric in it totally made the whole piece! A little something new with a little something old--perfect! I love your fire truck picture too. And the name Oliver!

And by the way, if you see our name popping in her a lot--it's because my boys have discovered your bunnyhero puppy and insist on playing with him ALL THE TIME! I adopted a monkey for them, but they still like the puppy better!