Friday, February 29, 2008

What Do I Know About America?
Well... what I see on TV, and I know a couple of people who live there. Actual people, not blogging friends. I know what friends have told me who have been there.
I am ashamed to say I could not tell you where the majority of states are, or the capital cities.
Today I am doing something I have been meaning to do for awhile. I am looking up in our huge atlas (yes, the old fashioned way, not via the web) where you come from. Some of you (my bloggy friends) are making it difficult. You don't say where you live. I can understand that, but if you would like to leave a comment and tell me that would be great.

Ok, so here are some things I know:

1. clothing sizes are different. What is a 12 in Australia is a 10 in the US. Well, I thought that. I ordered this t-shirt from Asmatic Kitty, as I am a huge Sufjan Stevens fan, but it is huge! I will have to wear it to the gym, or to bed.

2. I know that Sufjan Stevens is working on a '50 states project', recording music that is inspired by each state. I am enjoying Michigan and Illinois.
3.I hear that coffee is not like here. It is weaker. Or so I'm told. I remember watching episodes of 'Ally McBeal' and marvelling at the size of take away coffee the characters drank. Then a friend told me it is not like our take away coffee. If I drank something of that size here, my head would be buzzing for days.

4. It always seems to snow in Chicago - thankyou to 'ER' for that bit of 'knowledge'.

5. And it always seems to rain in Seattle - once again, another medical masterpiece (Grey's Anatomy) is to blame for this observation.

6. Clothes are cheaper.

7. There is a greater range of prepackage stuff.

8. The scenery is spectacular.

9. Most people seem to have great teeth.

10. It is a place to want to visit. So many things to see:

All the places U2 went on the 'Rattle and Hum' tour.

California, after reading 'the Grapes of Wrath' whilst in highschool.
New York, after watching so many Seinfeld episodes.
I am going to Hawaii in September. Does that count?
More on Fonts
I looked back at How About Orange, and Jessica had put some more great links up about downloading new fonts. And these ones are free!
Below are just a few examples of what I downloaded today.

There was also a link to this site, where a couple (Kevin & Amanda) will turn your handwriting into a font (if they like it), so it can be downloaded by anyone else.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I saw this on How About Orange today.

Here is the link to make it happen. (You need a scanner to do so....and it costs $9)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthdays, Platters and My Table
Last night I went to my job-share partner's 40th birthday party.
Happy birthday Meg!
Her husband hired some fire dancers to entertain during the night. Lots of fireballs on the end of chains and sticks being rhythmically swung around. It looked amazing. Great fun.

And thinking of birthdays, I set out to find a gift for Kirsten, as it is her birthday this week. I spotted these platters and bowls by Living Art, and fell in love. I love the blues and the floral pattern. It is called "Coast Rose". I hope Kirsten likes them too. (I am taking a gamble that she will not look at my blog this week!)

And you may notice that I have changed my table again. I used the fabric that I made the basket lining for recently.

My table is made from our old back door. I roughly stripped it back and attached some legs from IKEA. Every now and then, depending on the season, I replace the decorations under the glass.

I am thinking of replacing the glass soon, as one of my kids cracked it with an over enthusiastic banging of her elbows on the surface. It was glass I collected for a council clean-up, and isn't really thick enough for a dinning room table anyway.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Long Awaited Photos
I recieved a disc in the mail today from a friend, Jane. I was excited to see that it contained the photos I took using their camera at her and Darcy's 4oth. The party was held in the grounds of a vineyard on the south coast, and was just lovely.
Thanks Jane for sending me the pictures.

Jane always makes sure there is a good spread.

Jane and Darcy's gorgeous twin boys sat on a blanket and were entertained.

The cellar door in the distance.

Do you know what kind of fruit this is?

It is a Buddah's Hand. A type of citrus.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Jessica
Today we celebrated as a family.

The Charlie and Lola dolls were a very popular gift!

PS about my hair...
I recently went super blonde, but discovered this morning at church that a whole heap of people have followed me, and are now sporting very blonde locks. What to do??!! Recognise myself as a trendsetter, or bow out gracefully and try something new? Mmmm... I think I will stick with it for a little longer - after all, blondes are supposed to have more fun.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Backgrounds, Banners and Rainbows
Thankyou SO much Emily for your help.
I have tried and tried so many times to work out which bit of HTML script to change, so I could customize the background of my blog. Emily directed me to one of her friend's blogs, who had posted a little tutorial on how to do it... and TA DAH... a coastal theme has emerged.
I had great fun doing it, and even used some digi-scrap letters I downloaded. I don't have photoshop, so used Microsoft Paint. I'm sure there are better (or easier) ways to line up the letters etc. if I had the right software, but I was pleased with my first try.
And speaking of changing blog banners and backgrounds, Jennifer changed her blog and now has a 'Fun with Dick & Jane' theme. It is fantastic.
I was excited when I saw it as I have just discovered Michael Miller's range of 'Dick & Jane' fabric.
I made this last week. Yes, it is for me. I saw the fabric and went all nostalgic.
And am working on a project with this fabric at the moment.
One of my nieces, Jessica, had a rainbow birthday party today. It was lovely.
Bronwynne had made lots of rainbow food, and organised lots of girly craft.

My mother-in-law made these rainbow meringues for the party. A real treat.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Dessert and an Old Basket
Last night the kids had these ridiculously big 'Donuts' (heart shaped for Valentine's Day). What terrible mother would buy these for her children!

I bought this old basket/storage box when I was away in the Blue Mountains in January. Yesterday I gave it a quick spray of white paint, and then made a lining for it.
I am storing all my bags in it (instead of in plastic bags, that are rather unsightly in our bedroom).

I am actually rearranging the bedroom at the moment, as we were sick of the computer being in there, resulting in a constant stream of children lining up to use it.

The first request would start about 6am...

"Can I play a game on the computer? I am on the last level on 'Spongebob' and NEED to finish it! Please... PLEASE... MUM! PLEASE!!!"

This all before our eyes have opened and the new day has been recognised.

As a result, the computer has been moved to the lounge room, and our bedroom has a new freedom of space and silence.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day
For all the lovers out there...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

School Camp and a Cute Tin
I have spent the past two days away with my class on an excursion.
We had a tour of the steelworks at Port Kembla on day one...
and fun at Jamberoo Action Park on day two.
I bought this tin of biscuits at IKEA because I loved the tin. I thought I would use it to keep all my sewing threads in.
And a bonus... the biscuits were delicious. Thin, crisp and gingery.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Debbie's Baby Shower
Debbie is due very soon. And she looks great.
I remember I just looked bloated and ill throughout my pregnancies.

Not Deb. She looks fabulous.
We all wait keenly now for the arrival of a sweet little one.

We had afternoon tea at a garden/restaurant establishment
(a lovely place, but highly overpriced... example to follow below).

The tables had a floral decoration in the center of each. During the afternoon we began to investigate them (as a crafty person, this is a necessary thing... you know what I mean).
The waitress looked quite concerned and came over to indicate that the pieces were actually for sale (read - "Hands Off!").
Then we noticed the price!
Good Lord! What is the story!
stiff foam + coloured bamboo and string + hot glue gun + fake flowers = $195

Friday, February 08, 2008

Meat Pies
Emily asked if I had a recipe for meat pies. Here is one I use from Donna Hay. I have included the shortcut pastry recipe too, as it is a good one.
Meat pies are one of those icon Australian meals. Harry's Cafe de Wheels, here in Sydney is a popular pie seller, and many a tourist (and local) visit this establishment. Particularly famous are the 'pie floaters'. I have never eaten one.

PS: It is better if you can cook the meat filling a day before and let it sit in the fridge. And remember... lots of tomato sauce.