Sunday, February 03, 2008

Banner Fabric, Steel and a Busy Brain
It has rained steadily all day, and so we have had an indoor activity afternoon (except for a brief period when I had to go and clean the poo out of the chicken coop...oooohh, what a lovely job).
After church I took the kids to hire some DVDs. They each chose there favourite sorts - Spongebob Squarepants for Oliver, and something with Lindsey Lohan for the girls. When I reached the counter I was told that if I hired three more movies, it would be cheaper than just hiring three.
Go figure!
So I dutifully went back and grabbed another three, one of which was Xanadu (yes... I was hurriedly choosing as I was then holding up the line). I'll be fantasizing about wearing flowing dresses and white skates again soon. It was a highschool dream.

While the kids were watching their selection, I decided to make a new blouse. The pattern claimed it was 'easy', but it involved quite a few fiddly bits that caused some frustration. Especially when I put one of the sleeves in back to front, and then had to spend half an hour unpicking it. may notice it is the same fabric I used for my banner. I just love it.
Mmmm... I've just realized the shape of my blouse looks nothing like any of the pictures on the pattern.

I also did some research on steel production. My class is going on an excursion to some steelworks next week, and I need to know what is going on. Did you know that steel is made of iron and carbon? Fascinating.

Now that the new school year has begun, my brain is bursting with a thousand different things... my kid's schooling, and my own teaching. This year I am team teaching in an Opportunity Class, which I am very pleased about. The possibilities with teaching an academically gifted and talented group of children is exciting.

In fact, my mind has been so focussed on school and becoming reacquainted with work mates, that last week flew by without me making any contact with friends and family... sorry!


the featherd nest said...

I love that fabric you used in your banner and your top! My DD loves Lindsey Lohan movies too (the ones when she was younger)!


Emily Loria said...

I love your new top, the fabric is darling.

Jennifer P. said...

I thought your banner was a water color painting of some kind. What neat fabric! And I saw some resemblance to one of the blouses on the front. Very cute!

I also think it's funny that you "hire" the DVDs instead of "rent" them--but that's just the American in me laughing a bit :).

Monkey Giggles said...

Very cute. I'll let you make me one. WINK*