Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthdays, Platters and My Table
Last night I went to my job-share partner's 40th birthday party.
Happy birthday Meg!
Her husband hired some fire dancers to entertain during the night. Lots of fireballs on the end of chains and sticks being rhythmically swung around. It looked amazing. Great fun.

And thinking of birthdays, I set out to find a gift for Kirsten, as it is her birthday this week. I spotted these platters and bowls by Living Art, and fell in love. I love the blues and the floral pattern. It is called "Coast Rose". I hope Kirsten likes them too. (I am taking a gamble that she will not look at my blog this week!)

And you may notice that I have changed my table again. I used the fabric that I made the basket lining for recently.

My table is made from our old back door. I roughly stripped it back and attached some legs from IKEA. Every now and then, depending on the season, I replace the decorations under the glass.

I am thinking of replacing the glass soon, as one of my kids cracked it with an over enthusiastic banging of her elbows on the surface. It was glass I collected for a council clean-up, and isn't really thick enough for a dinning room table anyway.


Bebemiqui said...

Yes, I got the bag a week ago! So sorry I didn't get back to you until now :0( I've been carrying it around and have gotten so many compliments on it.

the feathered nest said...

Very cool table! Fire dancers - wow - that must have been something to see!


Jennifer P. said...

What a great idea for a table--and the fabric looks as great as it did in your basket. Sorry to hear about the glass though. I know that can be pricey to replace.

What a 40th party! Fire dancers--oh my!