Sunday, February 10, 2008

Debbie's Baby Shower
Debbie is due very soon. And she looks great.
I remember I just looked bloated and ill throughout my pregnancies.

Not Deb. She looks fabulous.
We all wait keenly now for the arrival of a sweet little one.

We had afternoon tea at a garden/restaurant establishment
(a lovely place, but highly overpriced... example to follow below).

The tables had a floral decoration in the center of each. During the afternoon we began to investigate them (as a crafty person, this is a necessary thing... you know what I mean).
The waitress looked quite concerned and came over to indicate that the pieces were actually for sale (read - "Hands Off!").
Then we noticed the price!
Good Lord! What is the story!
stiff foam + coloured bamboo and string + hot glue gun + fake flowers = $195


Jennifer P. said...

$195 indeed! That's insane! Some fancy women will seriously whip out the pocketbook for anything though--that may even seem reasonable to someone who has never set foot in a craft store before!

Love your new picture by the way! I think we may have the same glasses.

Anonymous said...

You have gotta be kidding!

Emily Loria said...

I had to laugh at the flowers! Some people would pay that though!