Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Long Awaited Photos
I recieved a disc in the mail today from a friend, Jane. I was excited to see that it contained the photos I took using their camera at her and Darcy's 4oth. The party was held in the grounds of a vineyard on the south coast, and was just lovely.
Thanks Jane for sending me the pictures.

Jane always makes sure there is a good spread.

Jane and Darcy's gorgeous twin boys sat on a blanket and were entertained.

The cellar door in the distance.

Do you know what kind of fruit this is?

It is a Buddah's Hand. A type of citrus.


Emily Loria said...

The bread looks so pretty in that basket.

I know I have seen that fruit before, but I don't know the name of it! It looks like a hand!

Priscilla said...

I don't have a clue what kind of fruit that is...but I like the picture of the bread basket too. It would make a cool puzzle on facebook!

Paul Merrill said...

Looks like it was a wonderful outing.

And I like the look of your blog these days!

Jennifer P. said...

Pretty setting! Don't care much for the look of the finger-like fruit, but I bet it's tasty! The ugly stuff always is ;)!