Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Dessert and an Old Basket
Last night the kids had these ridiculously big 'Donuts' (heart shaped for Valentine's Day). What terrible mother would buy these for her children!

I bought this old basket/storage box when I was away in the Blue Mountains in January. Yesterday I gave it a quick spray of white paint, and then made a lining for it.
I am storing all my bags in it (instead of in plastic bags, that are rather unsightly in our bedroom).

I am actually rearranging the bedroom at the moment, as we were sick of the computer being in there, resulting in a constant stream of children lining up to use it.

The first request would start about 6am...

"Can I play a game on the computer? I am on the last level on 'Spongebob' and NEED to finish it! Please... PLEASE... MUM! PLEASE!!!"

This all before our eyes have opened and the new day has been recognised.

As a result, the computer has been moved to the lounge room, and our bedroom has a new freedom of space and silence.


Jennifer P. said...

I love the fabric you chose for the liner--reminds me of something Vera Wang would use! We had to take the computer out of our room too--for the same reason. Smart choice :)!

Laurie Anne said...

the basket looks great. Are they easy to make?? I have baskets I would love to line, but just don't know how. You are so lucky to have the ability to whip stuff up. I'm so jealous :0)