Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday With The Family
Today we had lunch with Andrew's family to celebrate his birthday.
Here are some photos of our time.

Jessica and Sophie

Maddy had her first cuddle with Thomas.

Opening gifts.Thomas and Uncle Andrew.

I love that my children really love spending time with their cousins. Oliver is especially keen to play with Sophie. The video shows Oliver playing with Sophie and David after lunch. Also present is Jessica practising her scooter skills, and giving a running commentary as she does.

Chocolate Mocha Creams
Andrew requested these for his birthday lunch with the family. They are his favourite dessert.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dog Sitting and Mod Cloth
A friend (and I will point out at this stage of the story, not a dog person himself), rang yesterday to ask if we would 'dog sit' for someone he knew who was going into hospital. The conversation went along the lines of:

"What sort of dog is it?"
"I don't know. Small."
"Not fluffy, smelly and rat-like?"
"No, it has short hair."
"Boy or girl?"
"Don't know."
"What's its name?"
"Don't know. I'll find out when I pick it up."
(And then my final remark) "Ok.
Bring it around."

When I arrived home, said friend and dog were sitting on our front verandah.
Her name is Bunny. She is very sweet. Almost rat-like, but not smelly.

She has settled in very quickly.
Boris isn't bothered. The chooks are. Andrew is.
I found a great site yesterday, with lots of retro stuff - Mod Cloth.

Handbags and wallets.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thoughts on Turning 40

Monday of the Easter long weekend was spent painting the chairs we picked up in our last local council rubbish collection (other people's junk is sometimes your treasure). I really wanted them painted, as Andrew has decided to have his 40th birthday party at home, and the extra seating is a bonus.
Thanks Vanessa for helping!
So, as you can imagine, my next project is helping to organise this event. I did ask, if it was to be at home, that Andrew would organise some catering, as I don't want to spend the entire night in the kitchen. Some is OK. Not all.
He has been sent off with instructions to order some antipasto plates from a local deli today. (Fingers crossed)
I was reflecting this morning, as I was getting dressed for the day, on turning 40.
Ten years ago, 40 seemed such a long way off.
At 24, when we were married, 40 seemed a whole life time away.
And now we have reached that year.
I don't feel any older. (Well, somedays I do, as I see my body heading south!) But I am now well and truly an adult! A mature adult.
I definitely don't feel like that!
Anyway, getting back to the musing whilst getting dressed...
What am I wearing in my 40th year.
In particular, what sort of underwear am I wearing?
I have to say, comfortable stuff.
But, do my children look at it hanging on the line and shudder, like my sister and I used to when our own mother's undies were hanging there in all their glory?
Remember... the Bonds cottontails, aka. Mum undies.

Surely my choice of Bonds boyleg underwear are far more hip. Not old lady undies. Not Mum Undies. Sure, they are comfortable (a cry always uttered from my mother's lips, when we laughed at her choice), but they are cute too.

More thoughts on turning 40 to follow in the coming weeks, you can be sure of that.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some Images of the Long Weekend... so far

I have been...

Saturday turned out to be quite social.
Brunch in the morning at a friend's place, and then an impromptu large gathering at our house for dinner.

Sunday lunch was at Bronwynne and David's place.

Madeleine made some lovely kebabs.

The men took their rightful place around the BBQ.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Visiting Our New Nephew
A complete sweetie.
Why is it virtually impossible to get a family photo with everybody looking 'normal' at the same time?(Ooops. No photos of Rosie or Peter.)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The long weekend begins... and there are so many jobs to do.
Today our house is being cleaned.
Because we are on water restrictions in Sydney, it is virtually impossible to wash down the outside of the house. I called in a professional today, who is using a high pressure spray to clean away all the grime.
It is at times like these you discover that your house isn't really waterproof - I have to go around with a towel and mop up around the windows soon.

My list:
I want to get all the chairs painted that we recently found.
The garden needs a big prune - it is becoming jungle like.
There are lots of sewing projects to finish.

And... we need to visit our new nephew, Thomas. (Not that visiting him will be a chore, rather a delight.)
Below are some Easter inspired decorations that I have used this week. I am taking the lead from my American blogging friends and decorating for every occasion.

Thomas James
Rosie and Peter's baby was born last night.
I'm an aunty again!
We have not seen him yet. This is a photo Peter sent via the phone.
We think he might look like Rosie from this image (...not that she is red and squishy).
We are looking forward to meeting him.

Monday, March 17, 2008

It used to be just a fun day...
St Patrick's Day was one of those days I used to go to the pub after university, and then after work, to have a Black Velvet or a beer.

St Patrick's Day has far more significance for me now.
It is the birthday of my first child, Henry.
He would be 10 this year.

We visit the cemetery each year to mark his birthday.

The other kids ask more and more questions about death, and Henry, as they get older. I think it is a healthy thing for them to do so.

We explain each year again what happened... a cord accident. No one's fault. (Although it took a long time for me to come to terms with that. I blamed myself for ages. I should have done this... I shouldn't have done that...)

My only comfort is I know he is in Heaven, and I will see him again one day.