Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dining Room... the revamp continues
I tried to convince my husband it would be a great idea if I painted the white silhouette of a tree on our navy blue wall in the dining room. He just didn't catch the vision, so it was on to Plan B.
I decided to cut the shape I wanted out of white contact, and stick it onto the wall.
I had looked at many laser-cut, vinyl wall art sites, but anything I was interested in was not large enough, or way too expensive. So this is what I did:

1.Enlarged a photo I had taken over a year ago, using The Big Picture Program.

2. I pasted the picture onto the contact backing and began the laborious task of cutting it out.
(I had just about reached the end when Andrew says, "I don't know why your are going to so much trouble. It would be easier to just paint it on." GRRRR!)

3. I then began the painstaking task of trying to peel the backing off slowly, while applying it to the wall. The are a couple of places where the contact lost its grip, as I had to rearrange it several times. I have used craft glue behind these pieces.

This is the finished product.

The new prints I framed are from yumiyumi on Etsy. Go and have a look at her artwork. It is delightful.

The shelf I was painting last weekend ended up being moved to a completely different room.


Laurie Anne said...

Love the tree. It looks great.
In regards to the apothacary gardens, the plants can last for months. Of course the bulbs will eventally die back, but the other plants should keep on going :0)

Jennifer P. said...

That turned out AMAZING! I love it to pieces! Come to my house and do it here!

Have you ever checked out Blik? It's at I have some of their vinyl lovelies hanging on my walls and I think that if you like your tree--you'd like their things too.

Again--great job :)! I may have to do a post linking this I am so impressed!

Deanna said...

That turned out really cool! Love it! And so typical of hubbies, huh? lol

liza said...

that is FABULOUS. i am green w/ envy! loving being serenaded right now, it's always nice to have music to blog by...

Cakes said...

Wow! I mean it. really. WOW!

Mari said...

I love your tree! Love it, love it, love it! What a great idea.

Lisa, Pete & Ava Jamieson said...

You are amazing!

Priscilla said...

I love it!!! It really looks great. My husband quite often does not get the "visions" that I have either.

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

That looks fantastic, Jenny!
Well done!

Sophie said...

Hey Jenny, thanks for stopping by at the blog. Love love the tree, sooooo effective but gee, sounds like it was really frustrating. looks like it was worth it in the end though. Congrats! What does hubby think of it? I wonder if it wouldn't have looked as effective with paint. You probably would have had to paint over it several times to get the solid white look?