Thursday, March 20, 2008

The long weekend begins... and there are so many jobs to do.
Today our house is being cleaned.
Because we are on water restrictions in Sydney, it is virtually impossible to wash down the outside of the house. I called in a professional today, who is using a high pressure spray to clean away all the grime.
It is at times like these you discover that your house isn't really waterproof - I have to go around with a towel and mop up around the windows soon.

My list:
I want to get all the chairs painted that we recently found.
The garden needs a big prune - it is becoming jungle like.
There are lots of sewing projects to finish.

And... we need to visit our new nephew, Thomas. (Not that visiting him will be a chore, rather a delight.)
Below are some Easter inspired decorations that I have used this week. I am taking the lead from my American blogging friends and decorating for every occasion.


Jennifer P. said...

Congratulations Aunty Jenny! How special for your family!

You did a great job decorating for Easter! It's just funny to know that you're having Easter amidst a coming Autumn. I suppose it seems just as funny to think of it being Spring here.

Glad you got a REAL "Spring" cleaning--high pressure wash and all!

Paul Merrill said...

Don't trust those Americans... :)

Priscilla said...

How nice. You are very clever with decorating. I have not decorated at all for Easter...

Congratualtions on your new nephew.

Priscilla said...

I just noticed your comment about asbestos on my blog. I am sure that it is the same stuff that is in Australia. Asbestos is not allowed to be used anymore as a building product here in the states. It can be very harmful if it is in dust form and breathed in. That is where the trouble comes in. is still on many of the older homes. It is not harmful as long as it is left alone. It is a real pain because I cannot sand it to put a nice coat of paint on it, in order to remove it...I have to go through all sorts of regulations with it's disposal. It was probably put on my home in the 1930's or so.

It also used to cover the pipes in my basement. That was all removed because it was crumbling and not safe.

Anonymous said...

I love your Easter decorations. Congratulations also on being an aunty again.

The outside of our house looks pretty bad too, but when I rang a company about getting it sprayed they said that they have shut that side of their business down due to water restrictions. So the house will have to look filthy for a while longer!

I wish I could come to Sydney and see some of that lovely green Sydney grass. My Sydney family have been telling me that you got lots of lovely summer rain. It is all so dry and dusty down here (but don't let that stop you coming to visit sometime;-))

Have a lovely Easter,