Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thoughts on Turning 40

Monday of the Easter long weekend was spent painting the chairs we picked up in our last local council rubbish collection (other people's junk is sometimes your treasure). I really wanted them painted, as Andrew has decided to have his 40th birthday party at home, and the extra seating is a bonus.
Thanks Vanessa for helping!
So, as you can imagine, my next project is helping to organise this event. I did ask, if it was to be at home, that Andrew would organise some catering, as I don't want to spend the entire night in the kitchen. Some is OK. Not all.
He has been sent off with instructions to order some antipasto plates from a local deli today. (Fingers crossed)
I was reflecting this morning, as I was getting dressed for the day, on turning 40.
Ten years ago, 40 seemed such a long way off.
At 24, when we were married, 40 seemed a whole life time away.
And now we have reached that year.
I don't feel any older. (Well, somedays I do, as I see my body heading south!) But I am now well and truly an adult! A mature adult.
I definitely don't feel like that!
Anyway, getting back to the musing whilst getting dressed...
What am I wearing in my 40th year.
In particular, what sort of underwear am I wearing?
I have to say, comfortable stuff.
But, do my children look at it hanging on the line and shudder, like my sister and I used to when our own mother's undies were hanging there in all their glory?
Remember... the Bonds cottontails, aka. Mum undies.

Surely my choice of Bonds boyleg underwear are far more hip. Not old lady undies. Not Mum Undies. Sure, they are comfortable (a cry always uttered from my mother's lips, when we laughed at her choice), but they are cute too.

More thoughts on turning 40 to follow in the coming weeks, you can be sure of that.


Priscilla said...

I loved this post. I am 41. I have been thinking a lot about my age too. I really don't feel that old either. It seems like yesterday that I was 20-something. I tell this to the younger people and they have this expression on their faces that says that they really don't believe me.

I have been looking at skin care products because the skin on my face is definitely looking older. Is there anything out there that will make me look about 27? LOL!

Priscilla said...

My choice of undies are far from hip too LOL!

Jennifer P. said...

I'm closer to 30 than 40 still, but I tell ya--40's looking younger all the time ;)!

Your chairs look great by the way! I thought i'd like them colorful, but i love them white even more!

Happy Birthday Jenny's husband!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember beige mum undies. Yuck.

I like your choice much better.

When do you turn 40, Jen? May? I can remember when you and Andrew were turning 21. Yikes!