Tuesday, April 01, 2008

One blog that I have subscribed to, so I get an email each time there is a new post, is Indexed. Over the past year I have nodded, laughed, or looked quizzically at the cards.
They are worth a look.


Emily Loria said...

Those are funny! All of your new pictures are great, your mocha creams look divine! I love the brittle on top. I don't drink coffee, so I am trying to think of a way I could adapt it to chocolate instead!

Laurie Anne said...

Those are very funny. I am going to send my girlfriend (who owns and art gallery) the one about the art opening. I think she will get a kick out it.
Looks like your hubby had a great birthday. Joji turns the big 40 this year as well. Not sure what we are going to do for it yet.

Jennifer P. said...

Hilarious! The guitar sales one is the best! My hair salon is next to a Guitar Center store, and oh!--the old men with ponytails I see going in and out of there ;)!

Love all the pictures of your family at the party too. Such a sweet new baby!

Priscilla said...

I have read some of these card too and quite often they make me chuckle!

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged. Come on over and find out about it!