Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Themes and Rats... anyway, it's all about washing
Today I have taken on the mammoth task of the ironing basket. Aaaaghhh. It has been piling up for a number of weeks now. I could not leave it any longer.
As I was ironing and hanging my clothes along a door frame, I noticed a theme (of sorts) that my clothes follows....

And on to the rodents... while we were away last week, one of my brother-in-laws stayed at our place to look after the hens, and to have some time out. While he was watching TV of an evening he saw a mouse/rat, which always ran towards the laundry if spooked (eeewwwhhhhh!) He didn't do anything about said rodent, as he thought he was "cute".

Jump forward to this week... lots of rain (yay!), and washing (boooo!), and the need to used both the washing machine and the dryer.

There is a dreadful smell emanating from one of the two machines in the laundry. I suspect said rodent has made a home/graveyard in one of them, and now we are suffering. All of our clothes are smelling DEAD.

What to do? Pull the machines apart and check all cavities? Run the washing machine through several hot cycles with bleach? Leave the dryer running for 24 hours on HOT?

Signed: disgusted!!

Update 2 1/2 hours later...

A shrivelled, and yet not quite dry, carcass just fell out of the dryer. Absolutely disgusting. All clothes going back in for another wash.


Emily Loria said...

ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, gross! I would wash on extra hot, and no need to dry, I would wash every thing 3 times with extra soap!

Laurie Anne said...

Critters are no fun at all. What a pain. Doing laundry is bad enough, I'm sorry that you are having to wash and rewash everyting, what a drag.
As for Puyallup, it is just down the road from us. Isn't google great. I too look up old friends. The internet is an amazing thing. :0)

Anonymous said...

Eeeekkkk! Reptiles and arachnids are fine, but rodents get me every time!!! Poor Jen Jen! Joy

Priscilla said...