Friday, May 16, 2008

The Good Wife
I received this via email yesterday.
My mum said that these sentiments were espoused back in the 50s.


Laurie Anne said...

Joji likes to send this to me every now and then. Fool :0)

Cakes said...

What you don't put a fresh ribbon in your hair before your husband gets home?

Anonymous said...

If my husband stayed out all night with out telling me on a regular basis he would find certain parts of his anatomy served up for breakfast.


Justin said...

There are a couple of very odd statements there: 'Out all night' being one / his topics 'more important' than yours and a few others that stand out based on gender.

But other than that -- what do you all find disgraceful about that list?

I think that many of them are lovely things to do for a person. Many (not all!) of these things are what husbands and wives ought to do for each other on a regular basis, right?

If we did these things for each other, our marriages would be richer for it, right?

It is good when my wife comes home for me to have tried to have at least some of these things done.

And she doesn't find it disgraceful if I do!