Sunday, May 11, 2008

Polar Bears
I think my second favourite wild animal is the Polar Bear (my first is the giraffe).
I was thrilled to visit the Polar Bear enclosure at Sea World.
Retrieving a fish.

Huge paws!!!

Here is the blurb from the web site:

Come and see Australia's only Polar bears in their home at Sea World's Polar Bear Shores - one of the most technologically advanced exhibits for Polar bears in the world.
Sea World has adopted two orphaned Polar bear cubs, Hudson and Nelson, who were found in the wilds of Canada and have been taken into care at the naturalistic and enriching Polar Bear Shores. Guests can visit the cute and playful bear cubs along with their newest friend, Lia.
All bears are housed at Polar Bear Shores, featuring the tundra environment of the Arctic summer in a state-of-the-art display.
Visitors to Polar Bear Shores can observe the bear's graceful underwater swimming and playful behaviours through large underwater viewing windows and are able to learn about these massive marine mammals through detailed information boards and fascinating interpretive information.
With a cascading waterfall and a winding creek, a large main pool that is up to four metres deep to encourage deep and shallow diving, an array of climbing outcrops, fallen trees, shrubs and other structures and a strategically placed rock platform enabling long distance viewing across the exhibit and beyond, Polar Bear Shores is a naturalistic environment which aims to constantly stimulate the bears.
The inclusion of many different natural substrates such as loam, gravel, river stone, rocks and natural bedding are utilised throughout the exhibit to encourage the bears to dig, burrow and explore. While strategically placed wind generation fans direct a number of interesting smells and scents, to stimulate the bears' olfactory senses, and the exhibit also features rain simulation, and misting and fogging.
Polar Bear Shores is the only exhibit in Australia where you can see the world's largest land carnivore up close, and one that provides a unique educational experience that assists, through a wider public awareness, the conservation effort of this perfectly adapted marine mammal.


Chocolate Cookie said...

cool! i never knew you had another blog...

Priscilla said...

Me niether.

They are fascinating animals. And I love giraffes too!

kikibluedolphinsrule! said...

OMG u went 2 c world u r soooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky

and wat about dolphins!!!!!!!!!did u swim with them,i am goin 2 soon

Anonymous said...

VERy Cool INDeed

DOMONO said...

anonymous was ME WHO IS DOMONICA