Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Morning at Home

This morning I tried to be tricky with my pancakes like Emily. I tried her way with the squeezy bottle, and then with some cookie cutters.
The kids were impressed.

I cooked some brown rice and apple for the hens.

I used the Liquid Amber spiky balls and leaves that I collected yesterday at my sister's house.
The table now has an Autumn theme.

Lauren helped me plant some lettuce seedlings, that my neighbour brought over, in the vegetable garden.
As you can see, Madeleine's garden is growing well.


Heather Here said...

No way I'd ever cook brown rice and apples for my chickens....Actually, no way I'd ever have chickens. Now I'd better not say any more - I might have to eat my words someday! LOL...

Priscilla said...

It caught me off guard to think about people decorating now with an autumn theme. It is spring here.

I love how you painted the easel purple.

Jennifer P. said...

Your garden box looks so artistic! And I love that I can look at all your autumn things when it's spring here!

I am sorry to hear about Andrew's dad. My mom elected not to do chemo. when she was diagnosed with cancer either. Losing a parent is tough on everyone, and my prayers are with you, your husband, and your family. As tough as it is, at least it gives the person time to set everything in order and to say final good-byes--unlike a sudden accident taking their life. Again, prayers are with you.

Emily Loria said...

Your autumnal decorations are so nice. I miss autumn, we are starting to get so hot and muggy around here...

Good job on your pancakes, the cookie cutter idea is golden! I'll have to use that one.

By the way, I made Pavlova the other day, and Jeff was pleased. Now I need some more Australian recipes!

Sorry to hear about your father in law's health issues. I'm thinking about you and your family.