Saturday, May 17, 2008

I have spent the past two days squeezing in some sewing.

I used this pattern...and this is what I made.
The pink is some sort of vintage Japanese fabric that I bought on ebay ages ago - I can't remember who made it.

The blue/brown dress is made from Amy Butler fabrics, from her Belle range.

I love dresses you can wear over jeans or leggings.


Jennifer P. said...

Those are SO cute! I love dresses over jeans too! And I love the way you put the belt with it. Also love your new profile picture!

Emily Loria said...

I love them! Good job!

I also love your new profile picture!

Laurie Anne said...

You are so talentd, I wish I could sew that well. Nicely done, they look great :0)

ks said...

You looked lovely on sunday I think you had one of these on didn't you
You are a clever woman
Love Kirsten

Heather Here said...

toooo clever xx