Sunday, May 04, 2008

Temperature Converter
I have added a gadget to my sidebar, so that I can understand temperatures a little better. When you, my blogging friends, talk about your weather, I am not sure what it translates to.
Now I will know.
It has been cold here (in the mornings and evenings) the past week - even down to 10 degrees Celsius.
This week when we head to Queensland, the forecast is for 26 degrees Celsius.


Paul Merrill said...

America is stupid when it comes to having not switched to metric. (They tried - and failed - in the 1970s.)

I have lived in metric-standard countries for 8 years of my life. I learned to think metric in every area except temperature.

Priscilla said...

Well...I'm American and I have to agree with Paul. The metric system makes a whole lot more sense and is much easier to work with. I remember them talking about switching when I was a kid. They didn't try hard enough. Too many old people squawked about it. Stuck in their ways I guess. It could have been over and done with.

I do know what you mean about getting confused about the temperatures. I have sometimes went and figured it out so I could know what temp othe bloggers were talking about. I used to live close to the Canadian border and started getting used to celsius readings since we got both US and Canadian broadcasts in TV and radio.

Priscilla said...

Wow...I totally expected Paul to be Australian. Turns out he is American too!

Jennifer P. said...

I lived in Germany and still never got the hang of the metric system. I couldn't tell by the numbers on the scale if I was gaining weight or not, and I was forever burning and mis-measuring things I was trying to cook from a recipe! I am sorry we Americans are so stuck in our Celcius's and pounds :)! And it was a gorgeous, though unseasonably warm 80 degrees here today!