Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Birthday
My eldest, Madeleine, turned 9 today.

All her wishes came true, as I took her to have her ears pierced this morning. It was with great joy and nervousness she approached the piercing shop, and I think was pleasantly surprised at how quick (and almost pain free) it was.

My sister and I were not allowed to have our ears pierced until we were 16. I remember I eventually had mine done after my sister had hers pierced, and I couldn't possibly let my little sister have one up on me.

I then had a second piercing in my left ear during my university years - it was the eighties and I so wanted to be just like Molly Ringwald.
Now I feel naked if I leave the house without any earrings in.

We are off to a Mexican restaurant tonight - birthday girl's choice. Yum.


Laurie Anne said...

Happy Birthday Madeleine!!
I also have my left ear pierced twice (my attempt at being cool and trendy):0)

Priscilla said...

You and I are living parallel lives. I also took my daughter, Alicia to get her ears peirced on her 9th birthday just over a month ago. The difference is that Alicia totally freaked out and wouldn't let them do it. Maybe some other time.