Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kids in the City Yesterday Philly, Brad and Zac took my kids on a ferry ride into the city. They visited the Opera House and heard a 21 cannon salute to celebrate the Queen's birthday.
It isn't her actual birthday this weekend (she was born on 21 April), but in Australia we celebrate her birthday with a long weekend in June. (Yay!! It's a long weekend. Booo!! I have lots of reports to write.)

And while they were doing that, I went and saw this...

It was great fun.


Anonymous said...

What a good aunty! They look like they are having a ball.


Jennifer P. said...

I love the picture where it looks like she's holding the other two! Classic!

Those pictures sure make me want to come visit Australia! Especially when it's getting hotter and hotter here---and you guys have on jackets ;)!

Megs said...

adorable pics of Madeleine, Lauren, Oliver, Zac and Philippa!!!!!!

love to you all Jen,