Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Brrrrr... it is cold
As it is school holidays, we took the kids out bike riding this afternoon.
And my goodness, it was cold!

Now I know those of you from other lands, might look at the photos of my children and exclaim, "But the boy only has one layer on!"
But I expect that if you are riding, you are keeping yourself warm via exercise.
Plus, small boy does not seem to feel the cold as much as 40 year old woman.

We have actually been having quite a cold week in Sydney.
Today had a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius, and I'm sure it was only around 14 degrees this afternoon - the wind chill factor making it feel worse. (Temperature converter in the sidebar.)


Priscilla said...

I had heard about the cold there. I was just chatting online the other night with Nixter who lives in Sydney. I'm surprised that they might not prefer gloves wile riding.

Hot and humid here! It has been "stay inside or go swimming" weather. Today it feels a little mmore bearable.

Priscilla said...

Maybe you should visit us during our winters. It would be a new perspective on cold I am sure. I enjoyed the article. Glad I don't live where my glasses freeze to my skin!!! LOL!

Laurie Anne said...

Like the new look and a big congrats on being an aunty again

Jennifer P. said...

I'm sitting here and at 10:30 it is still 92 degrees here. Just looking at kids in jackets feels "cooling" :)! And I LOVE your new duvet cover. IKEA has such great fabric, and you did great things with it!