Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lounge Makeover (or Brave/Stupid is My Middle Name)
This week we had our lounges cleaned.
And, no I say to the woman taking my booking, I don't want any fabric protector sprayed on afterwards - I have plans.
We bought our lounges in the 90s.
It was our first really expensive, grown-up, furniture purchase. We had just dabbled at playing house before then.
And, following the trend of the day, we went for bottle green.
We were happy with the green.
We loved it.
As time passed, and we entered the new century, my ideas changed, and I longed for an update.
I covered our 3 seater with a heavy cream cloth. It looks brilliant when clean. But it took me eight hours, and I lost all my enthusiasm to continue with the 2 seater.

Last week I began to entertain the thought of dying the 2 seater myself. Mmmmmm... but how?
I thought of several options, but eventually I settled on painting fabric dye on with a sponge.
I chose Rit liquid dye in dark brown.
I mixed a whole bottle into a ceramic bowl of boiling water, and then began. The dye was very concentrated as I wanted to achieve a good, dark coverage.
It was very messy, and often just dripped onto the floor, so I needed lots of old towels to soak up the run-off.
It took two bottles of dye to cover the base, and another two to dye the cushion covers.
Tomorrow I am going to spray the lounge with Scotchgard to protect it.
Here you can see the pretty lights I bought when I was giving the lounge room a makeover earlier in the year, glowing behind the now chocolate (sounds much better than 'dark brown') lounge.


Priscilla said...

Really cool. I'm still dabbling at playing house. I can't wait to grow up some day.

At Home Redesigns said...

That is ambitious! Good job.

Jennifer P. said...

WOW! I've heard of people doing that before, but I don't think I'd have the patience! It looks very grown up :)!

Heather said...

How clever are you? Looks great.

Emily said...

Turned out great! Does it rub off onto your clothes?

Anonymous said...

It looks fab. Jen. You've done a great job.