Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Winter Garden
There is not a lot to show in terms of bright and pretty blooms, but there is some lovely foliage.Some sort of plant that hangs off anything really and just grows in the air!!?! Amazing stuff.
Succulents (isn't succulent a great word?). A staple part of the Australian garden now.
A type of begonia.

One bright splash of colour. A cactus that flowers in June.


Laurie Anne said...

So interesting to see a winter garden with so much color. Our winters are so bleek around here. You are very lucky :0)

Jennifer P. said...

Foreign flowers....very pretty! My winter landscape is mostly just dried ornamental grass covered in snow---so that you have greenery of any kind is impressive!

Love the picture of your sleeping kids below. I remember sleeping in a "heap" in the backseat with my siblings too. SO sweet :)!

Emily said...

Is that a "Christmas Cactus"? My Grandmother use to have those all over the place!