Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cupcakes and Homework
As a teacher, I don't like setting homework.
It means extra marking, and I think kids need a break.
Go outside children and ride a bike. Read a book. Water the garden. Explore.
But it is the policy of most schools that homework needs to be set.
I shudder when I think of some of the projects I gave my classes before I had children of my own. (I'm so sorry!)
Oliver's class' theme this term is Jungle Animals.
His homework this week - cook some 'jungle animal' food. Then draw and label the ingredients etc. There needed to be enough for all the class to try.
We went to our favourite cupcake book and chose lions.
It was a whole family event last night.
We had a production line going, with each person have a specific task.

Now, here is a book recommendation. It has become my kid's favourite book to pour over when choosing what they might like for their next birthday.

I bought it via Amazon. I was buying the Martha Stewart cookies recipe book (because you American ladies seem to have the most amazing cookie recipes, and I wanted in!!), and Amazon suggested I may like this one too. So of course, I couldn't help myself.


Kelly said...

What a cool book...I'll have to look into that one. Your lion cupcakes turned out great! I'm sure they will be a class favorite!

Priscilla said...

They look very fun!

Sunshine said...

YUM! There is actually a delicious place in Tacoma, Washington called Hello, Cupcake. Their cupcakes are so very, very delish.

I love the lions...I want one. Please? :)

Cakes said...

Wow! What great cupcakes! Very good job. I'll have to request this book at my library.

At Home Redesigns said...

Those look great. What a fun project... even if it was homework...