Saturday, August 09, 2008

I probably should have been watching the opening ceremony...*
but there were too many other things to do last night.
I had not caught sight of Knox and Vivienne yet (have I been living under a rock this last week?).
That was a priority. Sorry China.
My legs needed attending to.
Have I mentioned I'm off to Hawaii soon!?!
Some major deforestation happened after their hibernation during for Winter.

And I really needed to finish this book.
Of course, I spent some time sobbing in the bath afterwards.
Apparently it has been made into a movie.

And I laughed til tears rolled down my cheeks (again) reading this blog.

*We did record the opening of the games, and I will watch it later with the kids (it finished after 1am in Australia).


Monkey said...

I so missed the opening too. Just to busy to sit still.

I have been wanting to read that book.

Have a great weekend

morewineplease said...

We dvr'd it too and watched it later in fast forward (priase God for technology)
I have you on the OSB Bandwagon! thanks for joining!

Kelly said...

I wish I had the patience to have waited and watched it taped! You chose a great picture of the "bird's nest" BTW.
I'm jealous you're going to Hawaii for vacation, but I'll forgive you because after all you're in the middle of winter and you need some sunshine!
I'm on OSB also...we'll become skinny bitches together!!

Cakes said...

I love love love the Time Traveler's Wife. Could the movie possibly be any good? I think they can only screw it up.

Sunshine said...

Okay, so you know what my next book is gonna be, right? Cuz I want to bawl my eyes out in my bath too. And thanks for sending me over to that other blog. I lost it when she started talking about Johnny Depp's skinny arms. OMG...too funny!

OH! You won and award over at "my place". Yes, yes you did. :)

Emily said...

We watched the first half, and then decided to watch something else... it was pretty amazing though. Look for the box dance, my favorite.

I love your cupcakes! (previous post) They are precious!

Priscilla said...

I didn't watch opening ceremonies either. It's summer here. Who wants to be watching TV when you can be outside?

How's the book? That is one I want to read. I just looked for it at the library the other day and it is out!!! I must put it on reserve!

Jennifer P. said...

I think we were grocery shopping....

My kids have been watching nothing buy Olympics since then though.

Your "hiring women" article was hilarious!

And I am still trying to think of 6 unflattering things about myself that aren't so unflattering that no one will read my blog ever again :)!

Paul Merrill said...

Have a great time in Hawaii!

(You're half-way to Colorado...)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Hee! You totally made me blush.

Megs said...

dear Jenny,
i have a friend who looks like you (very beautiful, both of you!) and i saw her yesterday and started thinking about you, and how much i appreciate your honesty, your comfortablenes with who you are and what you like - and i wanted to tell you that!!!!! as they say around here, 'you kick ass!'
love you

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