Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's Almost Over
My week that is.
It seems to have been a long one.
My job share partner took some long service leave to go skiing*.
It was a good week to be away, as parent/teacher interviews were scheduled, which meant several long days.
Friday afternoon drinks were greatly appreciated! (A highlight of the week really, now that I am spending more and more time at work.)

*She rang on Wednesday afternoon to tell of her unfortunate accident on the slopes, which is going to possibly require surgery, and definitely lots more time off school.
This means that I will continue to work full time for the next couple of weeks.

Last night Lauren had 5 friends over for a sleepover party.
We managed to get all the girls to sleep by 10.30pm, which I thought was pretty good.
However, one of them had set an alarm clock, which began its hideous beeping around 5.17am this morning. So the whole house was awake again with shrieks, as a very loud game that involved the phrase, "Cannon ball coming!" being shouted out, followed be loud thumps. One can only imagine... I hid under the doona trying to ignore it.
Then, by 6.30am, they were all putting makeup on.

There was a slight overlap as the girls were collected, and various members of my family began arriving for lunch.
This time it was the family's turn to celebrate Lauren's birthday.
And it was a beautiful day to sit in the Winter sunshine.

Zawadi, my parent's new dog, was interested in Zac's bowl of chips.

The cake.
Zac and Brad
Rosie & Stephen

Tomorrow it all begins again.

The week, that is.

There is a lot of washing to get through before Monday though...


Monkey Giggles said...

Thank you for sharing your week with us. It looks like the girls had a great time. And the cake looks yummy!

Kelly said...

I think I would have much rather preferred to have the girls up until 12:00 and sleep in until!!!
Very cute cake - looks like she had a fun kid party and famiy party!
I'll be thinking of you during you next long work weeks :( - hopefully they'll go by fast for you!!

Sunshine said...

Looks like a lovely time the jumping on the trampoline too! That cake looks delish! Can I have that piece right there...little to the right...theeeere...yum.

Jennifer P. said...

What a great cake! And who knew you had "job share partners" in Australia too. I thought that was a lazy American idea :)!

I can only say---you will LOVE peanut butter and banana in your ice cream! The place I went to is a national chain, so there might even be one in Hawaii.

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!!

with much love,
Rachel, Victor and Baby

Priscilla said...

How fun! It reminds me of my own daughter and her sleepovers. The cake looks wonderful.