Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Art Gallery
Today we took a trip into the city. We went to see the painting displayed.
We looked at 19th century Australian and European art.

Andrew looking at the Queen of Sheba visiting King Solomon.
We had a quick look at an exhibition as someone we knew (years ago) had a drawing exhibited.
Sallie Moffat's drawing...
There were some impressive drawings on display. I only got to photograph two pieces of work, and then an official told me no photography was allowed.
A fig tree in the Domain
St Mary's Cathedral

The fountain in Hyde Park

"Our Heath"
Australians are a funny breed.
We suffer from the tall poppy syndrome, and are the first to criticise anyone who rises above their peers in their field.
But if the person is lauded overseas for their talent, or criticised by an outsider, then they are definitely ours and we defend them vigorously.

I think this happened a lot with Heath Ledger.

And why am I writing about him?

I went to see the Dark Knight - I had enjoyed the last Batman movie so much, and there have been many reviews about Heath's performance in this one.
I have to say, he was brilliant.
It certainly was a 'dark' movie, and he played a 'dark' role.
But he played it so convincingly. So well.

Such a shame to lose such an acting talent.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Pioneer Woman
My sister-in-law, Bronwynne, sent me a link to a site that I have been reading voraciously over the past two days.
It is Ree's blog about her life on a ranch with the cowboy of her dreams.

I am in the middle of reading her installments of how she went from city girl, about to study law, to farm life. It is a great love story.


The Pioneer Woman

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kath & Kim
There has been a lot of talk on the TV recently, about Kath & Kim (the American version) being released soon in the US. My kids often see something about it and yell out various statements in incredulous voices:
"Kath has black hair!"
"They've changed Sharon into a man!" etc
I think everyone is waiting to see what the US makes of it.
Apparently a lot of the humour needed to be changed due to cultural differences.
I thought I would post some snippets of our Kath & Kim, and the ad for the American version screening soon.

Our Kath and Kell on Dancing with the Stars.

The American version.

Kath & Kim get ready for a football (AFL) dinner.

A collection of clips leading up to Kath's wedding to Kell.

Check out the foxy ladies' website too.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ok, holidays have begun.
Now I know that some of you will be saying, "What! You have only just got home from Hawaii!"
That is true.
But it is now school holidays.
No work for me.
And no running around in a mad flap making sure lunches are ready, uniforms are on, hair done (for the girls), and homework/library books/home readers etc are in bags.
And, I can read my bloggy friend's posts each day.
And read lots of books.
And garden.
And take the kids to the movies (eldest daughter wants to see something called Wild Child).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Very Proud Mother Moment
Warning - unbridled bragging follows!!
I have a picture of me hanging in the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Yes I do!
Painted by Oliver. What a gorgeous son!!
His painting was selected from students from Kindergarten to Year 10, in NSW schools, for Operation Art. From the 671 artworks chosen, 50 were then selected to be exhibited in our state gallery.

The 50 artworks will then tour regional galleries, throughout 2009, before becoming part of a permanent collection at the Children's Hospital at Westmead.

Charli Delaney (originally from HI-5, and now Dancing with the Stars) opened the exhibition, and Oliver was very pleased to meet her.
He had a great day, and was thoroughly spoilt by his dad and grandma (I was working and could not attend - very sad).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Fun Find

I have discovered a site (all thanks to some savvy work colleagues) where you can get lots of free stuff - you only have to pay for postage. And for those of you who love stationery, you'll love this.


I have made personalised magnets, note pads, pens, and even t-shirts!!
Above is a postcard I made (there is a set of them) from one of my daughter's drawings, and below a t-shirt from another of her creations.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

One of the great joys of holidays for me is the new plants and trees I get to enjoy.

I love to wander through gardens, admiring the flowers, leaves and structure.

The hotel had amazing gardens, tended by an army of gardeners constantly weeding, pruning and planting.
There were wonderful flowering vines flowing down from all the covered walkways.

As we walked along the Waikiki beaches towards Diamond Head (below) there were many plants to stop and photograph.

I think these characteristics just announce the tropics:

* Colourful bracts of flowers.

* Huge seed pods.

* Amazing root systems.

* Fiery foliage.

* And of course, palms.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blue Lagoon
Do you remember that movie (it came out in 1980)?
I remember I was not allowed to go and see it at the time - too risque!!!
I remember seeing it years later, and wondering what all the fuss was about.
And how improbable the whole easy pregnancy and childbirth was... let alone the non breast feeding issues. That baby just latched on with no problems, and she just smiled with child-like innocence throughout the process. (You may have guessed it was no Blue Lagoon experience when it was my turn to do it!!)
Anyway, the Hilton Hawaiian Village had its own blue lagoon. And there was no frolicking about in sun-bleached white loin cloths. No, it was a sensible blue one piece swimsuit for me.
The water was warm, and the sunshine even warmer.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home Again
We arrived home last night to cool Sydney temperatures.
The flight home was marginally better than the flight there. (More wine served... although I did think I was going to die of deep vein thrombosis about 7 hours in.)
Of course, I had to load my photos onto my computer first thing this morning.
I have enough blogging material for the next fortnight now.
And I need to catch up on everyone else's news.