Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Art Gallery
Today we took a trip into the city. We went to see the painting displayed.
We looked at 19th century Australian and European art.

Andrew looking at the Queen of Sheba visiting King Solomon.
We had a quick look at an exhibition as someone we knew (years ago) had a drawing exhibited.
Sallie Moffat's drawing...
There were some impressive drawings on display. I only got to photograph two pieces of work, and then an official told me no photography was allowed.
A fig tree in the Domain
St Mary's Cathedral

The fountain in Hyde Park


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Jenny.

It looks like you had a wonderful day. I love the Sydney Art Gallery.

I dreamt about you the other night. Just thought you might like to know that (or maybe not). We were going on a trip with some of the other Forster SUFM people, except we were all the ages we are now. And no kids. I can't remember what happened next LOL.
I probably woke up.

hugs to you all,


Priscilla said...

I was wondering how you had gotten away with taking photos!

It looks like a wonderful time. I would like to go to an art museum again soon. Haven't been in years.

The fountain reminds me of one that is in Central Park NYC.

Laurie Anne said...

Oh that Oliver is sooo sweet. What a lucky Mummy :0)

Justin said...

Thanks Jenny. I hadn't seen my sister's painting, even though I know that she was hung in the Dobel again. I'm really please to see it!

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

What a great day.
Well done Oliver! (And Mummy) How great to be hung in the NSW Gallery!
It's great to see those beutiful Sydney sights. A trip to the Gallery was always one of my favourite days in the city. We hope to be there again at the end of January...
much love to you all,

sam becca and zach said...

i remember doing a very similar trip into town. GREAT painting oliver!

meg duerksen said...

we certainly have nothing like this place anywhere near us...with in many hours even! what a beautiful gallery.
and even more beautiful with artwork made by your own!
that is SO COOL!

have a great weekend!

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