Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Our Heath"
Australians are a funny breed.
We suffer from the tall poppy syndrome, and are the first to criticise anyone who rises above their peers in their field.
But if the person is lauded overseas for their talent, or criticised by an outsider, then they are definitely ours and we defend them vigorously.

I think this happened a lot with Heath Ledger.

And why am I writing about him?

I went to see the Dark Knight - I had enjoyed the last Batman movie so much, and there have been many reviews about Heath's performance in this one.
I have to say, he was brilliant.
It certainly was a 'dark' movie, and he played a 'dark' role.
But he played it so convincingly. So well.

Such a shame to lose such an acting talent.


Paul Merrill said...

My 15-yr-old son and I wen to see it. We thought it was just too dark.

Jennifer P. said...

I agree about losing Heath.

I loved him ever since A Knight's Tale.

Darn America ruined him, right ;)?!