Saturday, September 06, 2008

There are no mosquitoes!!!
...or flies, or seagulls.
These are the factors that I have become used to on a beach holiday.

Mosquitoes constantly whining and biting as you sit out enjoying the evening ambiance.
There are none! (bliss)
Flies constantly buzzing around and landing on skin and food, causing great angst.
There are none! (more bliss)
Seagulls (vultures) circling your towel, hoping for scraps. Squabbling over a dropped chip.
There are none! (their absence just unusual) Unfortunately I did not bring my camera cord/USB connection with me, so cannot show any of the photos I have taken.
I am making do with some images courtesy of Google.
Above is the entrance to the tower we are staying in.
Below is an aerial shot of the whole Hilton Hawaiian Village.


Emily said...

How exciting Jenny! Have fun driving on the RIGHT side of the road. ;)

You can razz me about it next year when we go to Australia in the fall!

Jennifer P. said...

Oh what fun it has been to catch up on you on your vacation! And you liked the peanut butter and chocolate---yay :)!!!

Of course, you're making my bleak surroundings look ever more bleak. Sigh. Wish I was sitting on a warm beach!

And your car story--ha! ha! Darn seat warmers!

Priscilla said...

What I wonder is why a car in Hawaii would even have seat warmers. Here in upstate NY...I would get it.

Hawaiian beaches sound too good to be true. Plenty of skeeters around here! Flies and sea gulls too.

Kelly said...

Aaah, beautiful, beautiful bliss!!!
I'm glad you're enjoying your holiday...can't wait to see your pictures!!

Paul Merrill said...

We're all jealous...

Have a great time for all of us.