Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Very Proud Mother Moment
Warning - unbridled bragging follows!!
I have a picture of me hanging in the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Yes I do!
Painted by Oliver. What a gorgeous son!!
His painting was selected from students from Kindergarten to Year 10, in NSW schools, for Operation Art. From the 671 artworks chosen, 50 were then selected to be exhibited in our state gallery.

The 50 artworks will then tour regional galleries, throughout 2009, before becoming part of a permanent collection at the Children's Hospital at Westmead.

Charli Delaney (originally from HI-5, and now Dancing with the Stars) opened the exhibition, and Oliver was very pleased to meet her.
He had a great day, and was thoroughly spoilt by his dad and grandma (I was working and could not attend - very sad).


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jenny, it looks just like you:-).

It looks like he inherited your artistic genes.


Mamasphere said...

That is so cool! What a great thing for your son to be involved with. And you to, by way of picture.

Laurie Anne said...

Congrats to Oliver!!!
Was this a class project or did he do this on his own? Either way it is beautiful :0)

Emily said...

How fun for him! That is something he will always remember, and such a great piece of art! It looks just like you!

Jenny said...

Mmmmmmm... Does it really look like me????
I am proud. He is creative like me. But he really can't stand a chance with holiday/weekend activities involving arty crafty activities.
It was a whole class activity. His teacher chose his artwork to enter into the original competition.

Dee said...

What a great portrait. A great achievement for him and you.

Priscilla said...

That is great! I would be proud too!

Cakes said...

I absolutely LOVE this. LOVE it.

Sunshine said...

Oh my gosh...You're BEAUTIFUL! Your green eyes are just drawing me in!

And your kid is...good at that art stuff. :)

How fun...and don't forget the little people now that you're famous...;D

Lisa, Pete & Ava Jamieson said...

You really should be proud.
How wonderful!