Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have you seen...
this book?

I remember spotting it in a book store some time ago and having a good giggle.
A friend sent me some of the images in an email today.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Tree Man
OK, so I was having dinner with some friends on Saturday night, and they were telling me about the Tree Man.
This may be old news for some of you...
but if not, and if you like this sort of bizarre medical story, click here. (Not for the squeamish!)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Where Am I?
Thanks for stopping by and asking if I was OK Laurie Anne... I am still here, but have not blogged, or looked at blogs for such a long time.
My excuse - LIFE.
OK, so what have I been doing....
1. Too much time on FaceBook (just a moment... don't shriek and leave me yet... I'll explain).
Recently a school friend found me, via the wonders of the web, to tell me about a reunion that is being organised. 23 years since high school. Yes, it is an odd number, but most students left at the end of Year 10 at my high school, so it makes it a 25 year reunion for them, 23 years for those who went on to Year 12.
I have been spending my computer time 'catching up' with long lost friends, and being amazed at all the people I don't remember at all (Yes... not at all. Absolutely no recollection of who they are!!!).
2. Work. You know that necessary thing that we all have to face at some stage.
And I have been extra involved in the past weeks reading a mountain of young adult fiction and preparing my reading programme for next year. Yeah, it's a bit keen, I know.
3. End of year hoo-har. There have been concerts to prepare for, or attend. Fetes to organise etc.
My girls actually danced (with their dance school, not some random act), at a local school fete this afternoon.
4. Emy and Dave's wedding in Coffs Harbour. The last weekend of the school holidays was spent celebrating a colleague (and friend's) wedding.
Coffs Harbour is a 6 hour drive north of Sydney, and a beautiful location on the beach for a wedding.

A photo of Emylee and all of us from work.

And on a completely different topic, I have discover two new albums that I am really enjoying at the moment. MGMT and Empire of the Sun.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Degrees Symbol
I have now discovered how to type the symbol I was looking for.
Today in Sydney it is 21°.

And I didn't have to copy and paste it.
Hold down the Alt key, and type 0176 with the right hand side number keys.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Zawadi at the Beach
Today we were down the coast visiting my mum and dad.
We took Zawadi, their newish lab (the one they said they would not get, after Safi died, but arrived two weeks later!!), to the beach.
Zawadi is learning to retrieve a tennis ball.

Oliver threw it for her many times...

and the silly humans would run enthusiastically after it...

encouraging her to pick it up and bring it back to Oliver.

Eventually she learnt that if she dropped it at Mum's feet, she would get a liver treat.

Please note in the next photo, I am carrying a conglomeration of things.

1. A fluffy toy which we asked Madeleine not to take out of the car, because she would end up asking someone to carry it. She swore she wouldn't. 5 minutes later and it's in my arms.

2. Two pairs of children's shoes. Once again, they were encouraged to leave them in the car.

3. A collection of shells and rocks dutifully found by Lauren, but impossible for her to carry.

I guess that is one of the roles of being a mother. My Mum used to do it for us too.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Meet one of my stalkers/lurkers/readers/friends...
It's Joy!
She always surprises me by dropping bits of information, about my life, into our conversations.
I have to stop and think, "How did you know that?"... "Ah yes, she reads my blog."
It is good to have a faithful following.

Joy has a lovely husband, Dan, and two delightful girls, Ellie and Lauren.

Joy has a funny fridge with locks on it.
Her explanation:
"It comes from South Africa."

She has (did have, until she gave me one last night) cute little birds that sing when they are moved.
Dan seemed quite keen for the birds to find a new home.

Joy is a great cook.

Thanks for dinner and conversation, and trashy mags, and 'Australian Idol'* last night Joy and Dan.
*the author does not watch 'Australian Idol', this was an exception.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Some more pics of my new nephew, and some chat about the weather.
Yesterday I made it to the hospital to meet Joshua.
What a gorgeous little man.
I love babies; each time I meet a new member of our family I have the urge to have another one.
(But don't worry friends and family, it ain't gonna happen!)
I'll just cuddle my new nieces and nephews.

And now to more mundane things...
We have been having some very warm weather for Spring.
On Friday it was 35 degrees Celsius in Sydney. That 95 for the Americans. (Does anyone know how to access the degrees symbol?? Other people use it, so it must be here somewhere. I'm serious - I need to know.)
Not that I am complaining (well, just a little, as it seems our air conditioner is not working too well), but we usually ease our way into a season. It seems that we have gone straight from Winter to Summer however.
It makes it very difficult when choosing shoes.
It doesn't seem right to go straight from boots to strappy sandals.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Joshua John
A new member to our clan born yesterday.
Another nephew for me.
What a sweetie!!
Welcome to the world Joshua.
A New Use for the Humble Wine Bottle
I love coloured glass.
And yes, I often choose a wine for its bottle.
I end up saving my favourite bottles too.
Until recently I had a rather large collection of them, and in the effort to declutter I decided they needed to go.
I chose my favourite ones, and took them to a local glass cutting place and had the necks cut off. Now I can use them as vases, or tea light holders. If you get any bottles cut, remember to ask to have the rims rounded so there are no sharp dangerous bits.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I received a very cute package... hand delivered!!

Inside were some yummy things I had ordered from rosebarnett, on Etsy.

Sarah and Cath have a blog too.
Go and have a look at their fabulous things.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Australia v England
Australia and England have long been rivals in the sporting arena. Especially in rugby and cricket.
Yesterday at the art gallery, we spent a good deal of time looking at a clever exhibit.
Australia v England at chess.
Can you name the characters?

The girls were amused to find the figure of Kath (from Kath & Kim).