Monday, October 06, 2008

Meet one of my stalkers/lurkers/readers/friends...
It's Joy!
She always surprises me by dropping bits of information, about my life, into our conversations.
I have to stop and think, "How did you know that?"... "Ah yes, she reads my blog."
It is good to have a faithful following.

Joy has a lovely husband, Dan, and two delightful girls, Ellie and Lauren.

Joy has a funny fridge with locks on it.
Her explanation:
"It comes from South Africa."

She has (did have, until she gave me one last night) cute little birds that sing when they are moved.
Dan seemed quite keen for the birds to find a new home.

Joy is a great cook.

Thanks for dinner and conversation, and trashy mags, and 'Australian Idol'* last night Joy and Dan.
*the author does not watch 'Australian Idol', this was an exception.


Monkey Giggles said...

With one teenager in the house and two more getting closer to that age...I might need a frig with locks.

Joy said...

Yay! I'm famous! Twas great to catch up with ya'll. BTW there's nothing wrong with being a fan of Australian Idol.....or is there???:oP

Jennifer P. said...

Hello Joy! What a lucky lady you are to know Jenny personally!

No Australian Idol for you, eh? Do you guys also get the American version there?

FINALLY---I was sent here by my friend Jon. He's planning a trip to Australia and I told him it's always best to plan things through a local--and I just happen to KNOW one! :) So--if he drops by here, know he's all nice :). And you might stop by and say hi too---he's kind of shy about this blogging stuff ;) .