Friday, January 16, 2009

Il y a longtemps que je t'aime
Or, "You have beautiful eyes."
Two names I could give today's post.
The first refers to the movie I saw on Wednesday night.
You can read a review about it here.
Full of angst.
Great acting.
The second refers to the conversation I had with our waiter, who asked for my phone number, and offered me a trip to Europe with him. Mmmmm... tempting, but I don't think the kids or the husband would be pleased.
Thanks to Vanessa and Amanda, who pretended to be deep in conversation while this was going on.

Here is an apt photo of Vanessa and I, our halos slipping.


Seraphim's Sigh said...

Ah good times and good laughs.

Seraphim's Sigh said...

Ah, just saw the date. This was another of my birthday outings. You failed to say that you fell asleep in the last part of that movie.Right when it got really good.