Friday, January 23, 2009

While I was in Melbourne I watched the inauguration of Obama (actually, I was glancing up, as I was almost finished a novel at the time which was very enticing!!) , along with Victor (below), and the rest of the Jones household.
And I have discovered a site where you can get in on the action.
I chose a photo of myself that was fairly expressive (read startled), as 'normal' photos were not as impressive in their outcome.


Laurie Anne said...

I'm curious as to what folks down under think of the new leadership in the US. We are so hopefull, after 8 years of Bush we can only go up. I hope Obama can at least repair some of the damaged reputation of the states in the eyes of the world.
Fun pic BTW :0)

Jennifer P. said...

I guess I'm of the exact opposite opinion of Laurie Anne--more conservative in my values (and Bush was NOT much of a conservative!). I will respect our new president though---grateful for the country I live in and what it represents and that I still have the ability to stand up and speak my mind when I feel it necessary.

Your poster is just too perfect---slightly "fearful" of change perhaps,? :)