Thursday, January 01, 2009

Seeing Out Another Year
We celebrated the end of 2008 with friends.

And I know they would be very disappointed not to see their photo here today...
so here are some snaps peoples.

You will love this one Amanda.
And I had to include this as I know how pleased Chris is about appearing here.
Of course many resolutions (mainly by the women folk) were mandatory discussion:
* weight loss (always top of the list it seems!!)
* exercise
* not yelling at the kids
* drinking less wine... etc. etc.
And here is one for me... say at least three positive things to my family every day.


Dee from Downunder said...

Happy new Year!!!

Seraphim sigh said...

Yes, I did love that photo. Thank you so much!!!

Jennifer P. said...

3 positive things is a perfect one!

And THANK YOU so much for your kind offer to my niece and nephew when they visited. They couldn't say enough good things about your generosity (though they didn't have to use it after all!), and about your country.

Best of 2009 to you and your family!

Sunshine said...

LOVE the pictures! And I need a ping pong table now!

Happy New Year's!

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Happy New Year!
I'm finally checking some blogs. It's good to be (a bit) back in touch.
love, Rachel