Saturday, February 28, 2009

School Reunion
So tonight I am heading off to my high school reunion.
I am actually looking forward to it. 23 years out for me.
25 for most (I was one of 24 that stuck it through to the end, in the country town where I lived).

Here is a photo of myself; I lifted it from a high school friend who has posted some old photos on Facebook.
Funny thing about high school - I always thought I was FAT.
What was that about!!??!!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone, and hearing their life stories. And I may post some photos in the coming week.


Paul Merrill said...

Have fun!!

I went to my 10th and haven't been to any others. 3,200 km one-way from where we live now, so no plans to go to the next one.

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