Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why I am moving to Tasmania... and other bits and pieces about the last two weeks

Well, I know some in the Northern Hemisphere have had the largest snow fall in the past 18 years, but spare a thought for us down here.

Sydney has been revolting (as has Melbourne and Adelaide... maybe more so), and there is more to come.
The forecast for this weekend? 42°C (That is 107.6°F)


We celebrated Australia Day at Richard and Tanya's place...

and the boys finished up by watching Top Gear in the comfort of an air conditioned room.
We stayed at Avoca over the weekend and swam in the crystal clear, refreshing ocean.
And I've been back at work for two weeks.
Absolutely depressing when you can smell the sweat on yourself by 9am because you have walked 200m across the playground!


Priscilla said...

Eeew! I couldn't take that. I really don't do well in extreme heat. I really don't mind the snow. I'll stay here.

Cakes said...

BLEEEEHHHH!! I hate the heat worse than anything! I become a horrible shriveled shrew and scream at everyone. Many sympathies.

Joy said...

Hehehe, we spend much of winter lamenting the cold and longing for summer, then when it rolls around we forget the longing of winter. This summer (almost typed 'simmer' there, still would've worked!) I resolved to live in the moment a bit and appreciate whatever weather we've got, to the point where instead of closing up the house and cranking up the A/C, I've flung open the windows and doors, stripped down to the barest layers and revelled in the heat. So far this new 'tude is working - we are only 2/3 of the way through summer though, will probably revert to my usual mode of moaning shortly!!! ;o)

Benjamin Ady said...

oh, that beautiful Australian surf - I could live with a bit o' sweat if that was waiting for me on the weekend!! Enjoy it for me OK?!
love Megs

Jennifer P. said...

sounds like what goes on here....except not for 6 months! Right now a little sweating (as opposed to freezing!) sounds good!

So, my son has to do a report on James Cook. Somehow I am putting him together with Australia and the Cook Islands. Am I way off? Anyhow--if he WAS the Australian guy, I was wondering if you knew any good research sites or books.

If not--just blame it on our terrible American school system :)!

Glad you had a nice getaway!!!

Paul Merrill said...

Forget Tasmania - you need to move to Colorado!

Kelly said...

Ick!! I'm all hot and sticky thinking about those extreme temps! Stay COOL!!

Laural Out Loud said...

And I thought it was bad here in Brasil! You definitely win on the unbearable weather front. Wow. Is it dry heat at least?

Anonymous said...

Tassie weather appeals to me too. I love all that green.

Everything here is yellow. Sob. We had six straight days over 40, but at least no bushfires, thankfully.