Sunday, April 05, 2009

Only 4 days to go...
and then holidays. Winding up another incredibly busy school term.
I do resolve to actually blog a bit more during the holidays.

I have just booked a family holiday for May. Last year we went to the Gold Coast for the first time, and enjoyed it so much that we are going to do it again. May is a perfect time of year - while it is cooling down in Sydney, Queensland is still lovely and warm.
Here is where we are going to be staying:

Yesterday I finished reading the Secret Scripture. My sister-in-law, Bronwynne, gave it to me a number of weeks ago to read, stating she 'couldn't put it down'. Unfortunately I had to put it down to attend to tasks such as parent/teacher interviews etc, but was very pleased to have an opportunity to sit down and read for a couple of hours. (Unfortunately the bathroom still needs a clean, and the washing pile is enormous still.) It was an interesting slice of history, and a compelling story - worth a read.

Roseanne McNulty, forgotten centenarian, long-time resident of the Roscommon regional mental hospital, is facing an imminent upheaval. The decrepit Victorian institution is soon to be demolished, leaving its residents displaced in a starkly changed modern Ireland that has all but buried its violent origins. Attempting to organise her memories, some reliable, others shifting, she embarks on the writing of a chronicle.
More of the review here.
I have also read this series during the term:

They put me out of action for days!! I loved them.
I have also recently read The Secret River.
This was brilliant - a story set in the early days of white settlement in Australia.
I definitely recommend you read this one!And a movie of note that I have seen was The Reader.
It was confronting and caused me to weep a few times.
Movies and books with the Holocaust theme seem to be everywhere at the moment, or maybe I am just aware of them as were are reading several in class - the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne, Once and Then by Morris Gleitzman, and I am David by Ann Holm.


Megs said...

i finished the secret scripture the day before yesterday! WOW!! speaking to an irish friend last night, he said they put unmarried mothers in institutions in Ireland right into half way through the 20th century! so it's reality... what a good book
love m

Joy said...

I read the secret river recently too, and enjoyed it. It made me think a bit about the whole "traditional owners" of Australia debate. The book portrays them as very passive aggressive, which I found interesting...

Sunshine said...

I'm so finding all of these books, asap! Thanks for sharing!