Monday, April 27, 2009

A Parcel
This morning I came home, after running some errands, to find a parcel on my front verandah.
A package from Hey Lucy.
And its contents were so beautifully wrapped and presented!!
Thank you Marne.

The CD is of Marne's favourite Christmas songs. I did try to listen to some of it today, but there was some major eye rolling about its out of season-ness.
And the other part was a gorgeous cushion cover (handmade of course). It has a bunny screen printed on the toille, and is hand quilted. The backing is a lovely linen.Go and have a look at Hey Lucy on Etsy.
And spend some time at the Hey Lucy blog. It is a truly inspiring and a happy place... the colours, the photographs, the projects... just lovely.


Paul Merrill said...

Parcels are great fun!

marne said...

Aww, thanks Jenny! I'm glad it got there quickly!